Scientists for Public Engagement and Knowledge (SPEAK) is the Center for Watershed Sciences' communications and outreach program that connects the public with trusted science. SPEAK helps scientists make their research accessible, engaging, and influential. With a professional communications staff, training opportunities, and multiple media platforms, SPEAK delivers science to everyone. Because science makes our lives better. 

The 2017 - 2018 SPEAK series has concluded. All workshops were recorded and are now posted and accessible under the Resource Links. 

Feel free to contact Ann Willis at awillis@ucdavis.edu with any questions about how to get involved or connect with a scientist.

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Because science makes our lives better

Mission statement: Making science accessible, engaging, and influential

To share your science with the public, contact Megan Nguyen to get started.

Access COMPASS Science Communication training resources here. 




Because science makes our lives better

Mission Statement: Connecting the public with trusted science, made for everyone.

To connect with trusted science, contact Megan Nguyen to get started.




Because science makes our lives better.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Kat Kerlin
UC Davis News and Media Relations
Phone: (530) 752-7704

Recorded Workshops

Workshop Title (click link to view video) Download Slides & Resources Presenter Info
Working with your Press Officer - Powerpoint Kat Kerlin - kekerlin@ucdavis.edu
Orientation Powerpoint Megan Nguyen - meknguyen@ucdavis.edu
Science Messaging Powerpoint
Message Box Activity
Kat Kerlin - kekerlin@ucdavis.edu
Social Media - Powerpoint Sallie Poggi - sapoggi@ucdavis.edu
Visual Storytelling - Powerpoint Joe Proudman - jproudman@ucdavis.edu
Video Editing & Production - Premiere Pro Cheat Sheet
- Tutorial Folder
Joe Proudman - jproudman@ucdavis.edu
Public Speaking - Powerpoint Keith Coolidge - keith.coolidge@deltacouncil.ca.gov
Op-Ed/Blog Writing

- Powerpoint
- Tips on Aspiring OpEd Writers (NYT)
Message Box Activity

Chris Bowman - cjbowman@ucdavis.edu
Science for Policy - Powerpoint
- Example 1: CA's Future Briefing Kit
- Example 2: Priorities for CA's Water
Caitrin Chapelle - chapelle@ppic.org
Infographics - Powerpoint
- Infographic Web Resources
Tom Watts - tjwatts@ucdavis.edu
The Other Side of Scientific Writing

- Powerpoint
- Doubleday Writing Example 1
- Doubleday Writing Example 2
- Further Reading

Zoe Doubleday - zoe.doubleday@adelaide.edu.au