Historical vs Modern Delta

Elevation Model Slider Map

The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences created an interactive slider map to showcase the work on the historical elevation model of the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta. This interactive map compares the historical elevation model (circa the mid-1800s) with the present day digital elevation model for the Delta. For more information about this project, please see Historical Delta Elevation Model.

The historical elevation model was built in collaboration with the San Francisco Estuary Institute and Resource Management Associates. The model was constructed using historical data from early river surveys to characterize the hydrodynamics of the Delta prior to human modifications.The modern digital elevation model is from the DWR Bay-Delta 10m DEM.

Use the handle in the middle to switch between the historical elevation model (on the left) and the modern elevation model (on the right). The background basemap can be switched using the dialog box. The transparency of the DEM layers can be adjusted using the input slider in the lower left. Click the expand button to view in full screen. For best viewing, please use Chrome or Firefox.

Built using Leaflet, JQuery, and ESRI basemaps by Andy Bell. More project information.