CWS Experiments, Rim Fire: Pre and Post Viewing

Tuolumne River at Clavey River Confluence

The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences has long term study sites at the confluence of the Tuolumne and Clavey rivers, near where the Rim Fire of 2013 started. As part of these long term study sites, we captured a gigapixel image of the confluence in June 2013. Center staff went back soon after the fire, in mid-September to check out our equipment and the fire's damage. This area of the fire burned at a lower severity than many areas, but the evidence of fire was clear. They captured a second gigapixel image of the area from the same location at that time.

Afterward, Andy Bell, a researcher at the Center rectified the two images to each other so we could view them together. The results are below. This page was produced by Andy Bell, Eric Holmes, Dave Waetjen, Nick Santos, and Josh Viers.

Use the handle in the middle to switch between June and September. If the images aren't showing up together, please wait for the page to continue loading.

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June 2013: Before
September 2013: After

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