Biological invasions of fresh water: Empirical rules and assembly theory

TitleBiological invasions of fresh water: Empirical rules and assembly theory
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsMoyle, P. B., & Light T.
JournalBiological Conservation
Pagination149 - 161
Date Published10/1996
Keywordsaquatic communities, assembly rules, estuaries, introduced fish, invasions, lake ecology, stream ecology
AbstractBecause the integrity of aquatic ecosystems is being challenged worldwide by invading species, there is a growing need to understand the invasion process and to predict the success and effects of invading species. Case histories of fish invasions in streams, lakes, and estuaries indicate that invading species and systems being invaded interact in idiosyncratic ways that are often hard to predict, largely because of the role of environmental variability in determining the outcomes of invasions. We nevertheless present a conceptual model of aquatic invasions and a dozen empirically-derived rules that seem to govern most aquatic invasions. While these rules are limited in their usefulness, they do seem to have more predictive value than rules derived from community assembly theory.