Conservation Status of the World's Fish Fauna: An Overview

TitleConservation Status of the World's Fish Fauna: An Overview
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsLeidy, R. A., & Moyle P. B.
EditorFiedler, P. L., & Kareiva P. M.
Book TitleConservation Biology For the Coming Decade
PublisherChapman and Hall
CityNew York
ISBN Number978-1-4757-2882-8
AbstractIn the five years since we first reviewed the status of the world’s fishes (Moyle and Leidy 1992), there has been an explosion of new information on the conservation of aquatic organisms and their ecosystems. Notwithstanding this surge of interest, many aquatic ecosystems remain poorly understood because conservation biology remains primarily focused on the loss of biotic diversity in terrestrial environments. Loss of diversity in aquatic environments has received comChapautively little attention, even though the physical, chemical, and biological degradation of aquatic environments is widely recognized as a major problem, usually in the context of the spread of human disease, loss of fisheries, or degraded water quality for drinking, irrigation, or recreation. Yet aquatic habitats support an extraordinary array of species, many of which are being lost as their habitats deteriorate.