Hydroeconomic Analysis of Water Supply for Northern Baja California in 2025 and 2080

TitleHydroeconomic Analysis of Water Supply for Northern Baja California in 2025 and 2080
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMedellín-Azuara, J., Mendoza-Espinosa L., Lund J. R., & Howitt R.
EditorResources, U. Council on
Conference NameInternational Water Resources: Challenges for the 21st Century and Water Resources Education
PublisherUniversity Council on Water Resources and/or The National Institutes for Water Resources
AbstractThis paper describes a hydro-economic analysis of agricultural, environmental and urban water supply alternatives for years 2025 and 2080, in Baja California. Alternatives include idealized water markets, wastewater reuse, seawater desalination and infrastructural expansions. A network of the water system was built to considering hydrology, agricultural, environmental and urban demands, infrastructure, economic values of water and operating costs. Wastewater reuse with other projected infrastructure expansions are overall the most economically optima alternatives. Markets offer leverage and flexibility for the future urban needs for locations with the proper infrastructure. Worthwhile expansions include a larger aqueduct to convey Colorado River water to the west. At current water price and operating costs, seawater desalination is uneconomical. Wastewater reuse for restoration is also an economic source of instream flows, with institutional arrangements on a subsidized water price. Hydro-economic analysis is useful to better understand water-related issues in Baja California and provide a technical basis for developing and comparing long-term water management solutions.