White catfish and adult striped bass diets in Suisun Marsh

TitleWhite catfish and adult striped bass diets in Suisun Marsh
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsO'Rear, T., & Moyle P. B.
AbstractWhite catfish and striped bass are the largest and most abundant piscivores in Suisun Marsh; both species have been found to feed on desirable species (e.g., delta smelt) in other regions of the San Francisco Estuary. Because Suisun Marsh is considered good habitat for such desirable species, concern exists about predation of striped bass and white catfish on native fishes. Consequently, we studied diets of white catfish and adult striped bass throughout Suisun Marsh. The diets of both piscivores was dominated by benthic fishes and invertebrates, in contrast to both historical diets and diets in other regions of the estuary. Notably, most of the diets of both fishes was comprised of species (e.g., threespine stickleback, the amphipod Eogammarus confervicolus) associated with managed wetlands, and neither piscivore ever ate listed fishes. In the case of anadromous adult striped bass, the feeding on managed-wetland-produced foods is consistent with the trophic-relay hypothesis.