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Medellín-Azuara, J., & Lund J. R. (2016).  Economic Impacts of Recent California Droughts.
Matthews, W. J., & Medellín-Azuara J. (2016).  The Economic Impacts of the San Luis Obispo County and Paso Robles AVA Wine Industry. 38.PDF icon Matthews&Medellin_San_Luis_Obispo_(2016).pdf (5.12 MB)
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[Anonymous] (2016).  Environment shapes invertebrate assemblage structure differences between volcanic spring-fed and runoff rivers in northern California. Freshwater Science. 35(3), 
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Sumner, D. (2016).  Hay, Milk and the Trade Consequences of California Water Troubles. PDF icon Presentation of Daniel Sumner at Conference on Applied Methods for Ag & Resource Economics A Festschrift for Richard E. Howitt (783.2 KB)
Milligan, B., & Kraus-Polk A. (2016).  Human Use of Restored and Naturalized Delta Landscapes. PDF icon Human Use Report Appendix (8.29 MB)PDF icon Human Use Report Executive Summary (4.95 MB)PDF icon Human Use Report for online viewing (10.59 MB)PDF icon Human Use Report for printing (10.65 MB)
Gailey, R. (2016).  Hydro-Economic Considerations for Sustainable Groundwater Management. Invited Speaker. California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum, April 11 - 13, 2016, Folsom, California..
Gailey, R. M. (2016).  Hydro-Economic Considerations for Sustainable Groundwater Management.
Gailey, R. (2016).  Hydro-Economic Considerations for Sustainable Groundwater Management.
Forni, L. G., Medellín-Azuara J., Tansey M., Young C., Purkey D., & Howitt R. (2016).  Integrating Complex Economic and Hydrologic Planning Models: An Application for Drought Under Climate Change Analysis. Water Resources and Economics.
Johnson, RC., Garza JC., MacFarlane RB., Phillis CC., Koch PL., Weber PK., et al. (2016).  Isotopes and genes reveal freshwater origins of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) aggregations in California’s coastal ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 548,
Medellín-Azuara, J. (2016).  Lessons from Recent California Droughts. California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum.
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Hui, R., Lund J. R., Zhao J., & Zhao T. (2016).  Optimal Flood Pre-releases—Flood Hedging for A Single Reservoir. Water Resources Management. 30(5113), PDF icon Optimal Pre-storm Flood Hedging Releases for a Single Reservoir.pdf (8.71 MB)
Durand, J. R., Fleenor W. E., McElreath R., Santos M., & Moyle P. B. (2016).  Physical controls on the distribution of the submersed aquatic weed Egeria densa in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and implcations for habitat.. San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science. 14(1), 
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O'Rear, T. (2016).  Suisun Marsh's overbite clams and Black Sea jellyfish. PDF icon Suisun Marsh Clams Jellies BDSC 2016 Final.pdf (1.21 MB)
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American Fisheries Society (2015).  American Fisheries Society announces inaugural class of fellows. PDF icon AFS news release (205.12 KB)
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