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Mayzelle MM, Viers JH, Medellín-Azuara J, Harter T.  2014.  Economic Feasibility of Irrigated Agricultural Land Use Buffers to Reduce Groundwater Nitrate in Rural Drinking Water Sources. Water. 7(1)PDF icon Mayzelle_et_al_Water(2014).pdf (1.38 MB)
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Quiñones RM, Johnson ML, Moyle PB.  2014.  Hatchery practices may result in replacement of wild salmonids: adult trends in the Klamath basin, California. Environmental biology of fishes. 97:233–246.
Quiñones RM, Johnson ML.  2014.  Hatchery practices may result in replacement of wild salmonids: adult trends in the Klamath basin, California. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 97(3):233-246.PDF icon Quiñones et al 2013.pdf (486.04 KB)
Viers JH, Santos NR.  2014.  Hydrolapse Videography: A Coupled Hydroinformatic Stack for Improved Visual Assessment of River Dynamics. Proceedings of the International Conference on Hydroinformatics. PDF icon Viers and Santos 2014.pdf (623.06 KB)
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[Anonymous].  2014.  Meeting Nature Halfway on a Floodplain: The Yolo Bypass as a Reconciled Ecosystem. Meting Nature Halfway on a Floodway: Yolo Bypass as a Reconciled Ecosystem. PDF icon Symposium Program (488.72 KB)
Null SE, Medellín-Azuara J, Escriva-Bou A, Lent M, Lund JR.  2014.  Optimizing the dammed: Water supply losses and fish habitat gains from dam removal in California. Journal of Environmental Management. 136:121-131.PDF icon Journal of Environmental Management: Optimizing the dammed (2.09 MB)
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Quiñones RM, Holyoak M, Johnson ML, Moyle PB.  2014.  Potential factors affecting survival differ by run-timing and location: linear mixed-effects models of Pacific salmonids (Oncorhynchus spp.) in the Klamath River, California. PDF icon Quinones et al 2014 survival linear mixed-effects models.pdf (689.29 KB)
Howitt R, Medellín-Azuara J, Lund JR, MacEwan D.  2014.  Preliminary 2014 Drought Economic Impact Estimates in Central Valley Agriculture. :1-6pp.PDF icon Preliminary_2014_drought_economic_impacts-05192014.pdf (211.43 KB)
Gailey R.  2014.  Preparing Groundwater Monitoring Plans Under SB4.
Santos NR, Katz JVE, Moyle PB, Viers JH.  2014.  A programmable information system for management and analysis of aquatic species range data in California. Environmental Modelling & Software. 53:13-26.PDF icon Santos_et_al_PISCES-2014.pdf (2.98 MB)
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Moyle PB, Manfree AD, Fiedler PL.  2014.  Suisun Marsh: Ecological History and Possible Futures. :256.
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Grantham TE, Viers JH, Moyle PB.  2014.  Systematic Screening of Dams for Environmental Flow Assessment and Implementation. BioScience. 64(10):1-13.PDF icon Journal article (3.13 MB)PDF icon Appendix 1: Hydo model performance (108.16 KB)PDF icon Appendix 2: Flow-sensitive fishes (84.55 KB)PDF icon Appendix 3: Candidate dams (134.83 KB)PDF icon Appendix 4: Dam ranking (105 KB)
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Nichols A, Willis A, Jeffres C, Deas M.  2014.  Water Temperature Patterns Below Large Groundwater Springs: Management Implications For Coho Salmon In The Shasta River, California. River Research and Applications. 30(4)PDF icon rra2655.pdf (1.16 MB)
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Howitt R, MacEwan D, Garnache C, Medellín-Azuara J, Marchand P, Brown D, Six J, Lee J.  2013.  Agricultural and Economic Impacts of Yolo Bypass Fish Habitat Proposals. PDF icon Agricultural and Economic Impacts of Yolo Bypass Fish Habitat Proposals (1.77 MB)
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