Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy


The UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy (Policy Institute) leverages world-class university expertise and engages directly with decision-makers to deliver credible, relevant, and timely information and analysis to inform better energy and environmental policy.


The Policy Institute is a bold new initiative that supports collaborative engagement at a critical time for decision makers. Governments at every level are under intensifying pressure to promote a healthy, growing economy while simultaneously improving environmental quality, increasing efficiency, diversifying the energy supply, creating greater resiliency to energy disruptions, and responding to climate change—despite shrinking capacity and expertise.

Policy Institute is responding to this challenge by focusing on issues where UC Davis has world-class expertise including: sustainable mobility, clean energy, energy and water efficiency, climate, agriculture, and ecology, including air and water quality. We advance our mission through the following activities:

  1. Leveraging Research: Based on policy needs, leverage the extensive repository of existing research and expertise at UC Davis and partner with other top research institutions to bring the most relevant and timely knowledge to bear on these issues as well as identify key information gaps and promote research to address these needs;
  2. Informing Policy: Engaging in productive dialogs with scientists, government, industry, and NGOs to identify priority policy information needs, increase awareness and understanding, and improve decision-making to address pressing energy and environmental issues;
  3. Training Leaders Engage and educate students, researchers and faculty in the policy process so they can learn effective policy communication skills, increase the impact of their research on policy, and, if they choose, pursue a career in policy making.

The Policy Institute is ideally suited to improve decision-making with relevant science due to its strong connections with well-established interdisciplinary energy and environmental research centers, its proximity to Sacramento, national and international connections, deep knowledge of decision-making, and science-policy expertise. The Policy Institute is lead by Executive Director Anthony Eggert and is guided by a faculty steering committee comprised of directors of key interdisciplinary energy and environmental research centers and chaired by Dan Sperling, as well as prestigious external advisory board with leaders and experts from with leaders and "land-grant" commitment to advance the human condition by improving the quality of life for all citizens worldwide and the campus is providing initial financial support along with matching grants to leverage additional public and private funding opportunities.