Jason Emmons

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General Information

Jason Emmons is a graduate student and researcher at the Center for Watershed Sciences, pursuing a masters in Hydrology. He is currently president of the EWRI UC Davis Student Chapter.

He has performed hydrological, botanical, and ecological field-work in the national forests of the Sierra Nevada Mountains for the past five years.

His research interests include Hydroclimatic influences on stream and reservoir temperature dynamics, meadow hydrology and management practices, and 2D precipitation modeling using fractal interpolating functions.

Education Pursuing M.S. in Hydrology, University of California, Davis, c.o. 2013, Thesis topic: "Hydroclimatic Influences on Stream and Reservoir Temperature Dynamics of New Bullard's Bar Reservoir and North Yuba River." B.S. in Hydrology with an emphasis in Plant Biology, University of California, Davis, 2011 A.S. in Hydrology and Language Arts, Butte College CA, 2009

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Research Interests: 
Hydrology and Ecohydrology
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Land Air and Water Resources