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I am the field supervisor for several aquatic ecology projects in the San Franciso Estuary Watershed - mainly those lead by Dr. John Durand - for which I provide general oversight and support. My primary project is the long-term Suisun Marsh Fish Study, for which I directly manage planning, on-the-water sampling, and database management. I'm especially interested in application of Rosenzweig's reconciliation-ecology concept in the watershed, with a particular focus on non-mainstem and/or generally ignored habitats (e.g., managed wetlands, water-supply reservoirs, agricultural ditches, and dead-end sloughs) that may benefit both native and desirable non-native species - including people. Additionally, I focus on lesser known species that, while garnering little political interest, are likely important components of the ecosystem, such as catfishes, sunfishes, large native minnows, and non-native invertebrates (e.g., red swamp crayfish). A final interest is how the definition of "watershed" has been warped by dams and diversions, and both the ecological and social implications of that warping.

If you would like a copy of the Suisun Marsh Fish Study database, please email me with "Database Request" in the header, and I will send you the database within a day or two.


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Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology