ECI 153: Deterministic Optimization and Design

Fall 2017

Course Objectives & Overview
147 Olson Hall  M,W 2:10-4:00 PM

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Course Objectives & Overview

 This course introduces students to the "science of design" (Simon 1969), also known as the "theory of problem solving" (Liebman 1989).  Upon completion, students should be able to:  Students will become familiar with optimization techniques such as:  Applications occur in a broad range of civil/environmental engineering disciplines, including: Another objective of the course  is to help students become comfortable with the use of  computers.  Computer-based design projects will require the use of spreadsheets and math programming software.  Students will also be required to use a programming language (of their choice--FORTRAN, C, Java, PASCAL, Visual Basic, VBA, etc.) for one or more of the assignments. We will provide some VBA tutorials (the macro language for Excel).

The course meets twice a week.   Each week, the meeting time will include lectures, active learning sessions, and Q&A sessions related to the homework assignments.  Additional homework Q&A sessions may be scheduled as deemed necessary.



Jay R. Lund

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Most of this course content was developed at the University of California, Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering by Jay R. Lund (1988-present), Ken Kirby (1996), Orit Kalman (1998), David Watkins (1999), and Andy Draper (2001).  David Watkins founded the course's web pages and Jay Lund has since deranged them.

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