ECI 155: Water Resources Engineering Planning Spring, 2008


Monday and Wednesday 10-12, room 80 Social Sciences

Instructor: Jay Lund Office Hours: MW 9-10, F 2-3, by appt, and usually when Im in

Office: 3109 EU III E-mail:


Objective: to provide a detailed introduction to the engineering approach to planning water resources.

Pre-requisites: ENG 106, ECI 114, ECI 141; recommended: ECI 153

Required Readings: Hundley, The Great Thirst; Cal. DWR Bulletin 160-05, California Water Plan; Recommended: Linsley, et al., Water Resources Engineering


Date Topic Readings and Assignments

31 Mar. Overview of Water Resource Planning Problems and Systems

2 April Physical and Institutional Infrastructure Frontinus, 97AD


7 Planning Theory Planning paper; Gregory and Keeney 2002.

9 Delivery-reliability modeling simulation homework handed out; Project topic due


14 Water demands, management and modeling Bulletin 160-05, Vol. 2

16 Flood Management HW #1 due (yield modeling)


21 Risk and decision analysis for floods Project sources and reference list due

23 Water & Environmental Law Sax 2004; Cox 1982


28 Economic & Environmental Impact Analysis; Public Participation

30 California water discussion Hundley book, chapters 1-4; Project themes & outline due



5 Water Transfers and Markets HW #2 due (flood risk analysis)

7 Integrated System Economics and Modeling


12 Mid-Term Exam (Lund gone)

14 System modeling continued Bulletin-160, Exec. Summary, Chapters 1 5 (Lund gone)


19 Optimization modeling Draft project site and essay due

21 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta


26 Holiday

28 California Water Hundley book, Chapters 4-8; Project reviews due


2 June Discussion: California Water Bulletin-160, Vol. 3, chapter 1 + another

4 Summary and Review HW #3 due (integrated system management)

Approx. Grading: Class participation 10% Mid-term Exam 10% Draft Project 10%

Homework 30% Final Exam 20% Final Project 20%


Final web site and essay are due June 8

Final Exam: Thursday, June 12, 1:00-3:00pm.