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Congratulations to Dr. Jay R. Lund for receiving the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Prize for Water!

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The Center for Watershed Sciences is happy to announce that our Director, Jay Lund, has won the internationally acclaimed Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Prize for Water (PSIPW). On July 26th, 2020, the PSIPW recognized five scientists, researchers, and innovators for their work in addressing global water scarcity, including Jay Lund in the Water Management & Protection category. Congratulations, Dr. Lund!

Could California survive a mega-drought?

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences Director Jay Lund told KXTL News 10 (ABC, Sacramento) Thursday that if California faced a 100-year drought, it could lose up to half of its agriculture.

"But most of the urban economy, while it would be painful, would get through pretty well," Lund said. "We'd certainly use a lot less water on our lawns, pay more for water, do a lot more water conservation, do a lot more waste water re-use."

Center's virtual mega-drought draws mega-media

The Los Angeles Times on Sunday led a page-one story with the Center's 2010 study of a synthesized 72-year California drought.  

Scientists used their CALVIN model to see how the state could respond to such an extreme drought using water trading and best-case estimates of costs and effects on water operations and demands.

The results were surprising. As the Times' Bettina Boxall reported, "The California economy would not collapse. The state would not shrivel into a giant, abandoned dustbowl. Agriculture would shrink but by no means disappear."

Five myths about California's drought

Shasta Lake on 8/25/2014

The Washington Post invited the Center's Richard Howitt and Jay Lund to bust some popular misperceptions about California's drought. See if your beliefs hold water under their scrutiny: http://wapo.st/Z0Oecw

Photo: Shasta Lake on Aug. 25, 2014 looking west from Pit River Bridge. Source: Kelly M. Grow/California Department of Water Resources


Viewpoints: Putting some myths about California’s drought to rest

The Sacramento Bee (July 6, 2014) — In a Sunday commentary three prominent California water experts challenge two claims that they say are hindering the search for solutions to California's water shortages. Jay Lund, director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, and co-authors Jeffrey Mount and Ellen Hanak of the Public Policy Institute of California say the role of environmental regulation in shortening farmers' water supplies has been vastly overstated.