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Journal Article
Phillis, C.C., Sturrock A.M., Johnson RC., & Weber P.K. (2018).  Endangered winter-run Chinook salmon rely on diverse rearing habitats in a highly altered landscape.. Biological Conservation. 217, PDF icon Phillis_et_al_2017_Biological_Conservation.pdf (907.84 KB)
Willmes, M., Hobbs J. A., Sturrock A.M., Bess Z., Lewis L.S., Glessner JG., et al. (2018).  Fishery collapse, recovery, and the cryptic decline of wild salmon on a major California River. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. PDF icon cjfas-2017-0273.pdf (7.7 MB)
Morais, P., Dias E., Cerveira I., Carlson S.M., Johnson R.C., & Sturrock A.M. (2018).  How Scientists Reveal The Secret Migrations of Fish. Frontiers for Young Minds. 6(67), PDF icon Morais et al 2018 secret migrations of fish frym-06-00067_small.pdf (536.93 KB)
Nussle, S., Hendry AP., Knapp R., Bogan M., Sturrock A.M., & Carlson SM. (2017).  Thirty-five experimental fisheries reveal the mechanisms of selection. bioRxiv.
Sturrock, A.M., Hunter E., Milton AEIMF., Johnson RC., Waring CP., & Trueman CN. (2015).  Quantifying physiological influences on otolith microchemistry. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 6, PDF icon Sturrock et al 2015 Quantifying physiological influences on otolith microchemistry MEE_small.pdf (918.81 KB)
Sturrock, A.M., Wikert JD., Heyne T., Mesick C., Hubbard AE., Hinkelman TM., et al. (2015).  Reconstructing the migratory behavior and long-term survivorship of juvenile Chinook salmon under contrasting hydrologic regimes. PLoS ONE. 10(5), PDF icon Sturrock_Plosone.pdf (1.92 MB)
Darnaude, AM., Sturrock A.M., Trueman CN., Mouillot D., EIMF, Campana SE., et al. (2014).  Listening in on the past: What can otolith δ18O values really tell us about the environmental history of fishes?. PLoS ONE. 9(10), PDF icon Darnaude Sturrock et al 2014 PlosOne - Listening in on the past.pdf (1.27 MB)
Sturrock, A.M., Trueman CN., Milton JA., Waring CP., Cooper MJ., & Hunter E. (2014).  Physiological influences can outweigh environmental signals in otolith microchemistry research. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 500, PDF icon Sturrock et al 2014 Physiological influences can outweigh environmental signals m500p245.pdf (966.77 KB)
Sturrock, A.M., Hunter E., Milton JA., & Trueman CN. (2012).  Analysis methods and reference concentrations of 12 minor and trace elements in fish blood plasma. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. 27, PDF icon Sturrock et al 2013 blood analyses JTEMB.pdf (491.03 KB)
Sturrock, A.M., Trueman CN., Darnaude AM., & Hunter E. (2012).  Can otolith elemental chemistry retrospectively track migrations in fully marine fishes?. Journal of Fish Biology. 81(2), PDF icon Sturrock et al 2012 Can otolith elemental chemistry retrospectively track migrations in fully marine fishes.pdf (679.33 KB)