Summary of CWS DEI Committee Projects AY 2020–2021

AY 2020–2021

Internal Culture

  • Established DEI Committee and sub-committees
  • Established DEI goals and initial associated actions
  • Held four meetings between the DEI Committee & Executive Committee to discuss DEI objectives and CWS internal culture
  • Competed URGE curriculum Part 1 (Feb-May 2021) - Part 2 will work to refine and disseminate deliverables to CWS leadership.
  • Began curating a list of external DEI training and self-education opportunities
    • Attended several of these opportunities to assess their potential for the CWS community
  • Began curating multifaceted Resource Guide Map specific to CWS faculty, students, and K-12 teachers - product will be hosted on the DEI website page in future


Hiring Practices

  • Initiated demographic data collection search and explored possibility of an anonymous exit-survey
  • Diversified language and distribution of new job positions
  • Began drafting standard operating procedures for job/internship posts within CWS