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Get to know our newest John Muir Institute Fellow, Brandi Goss!

Sugar Creek BDA

The John Muir Institute of the Environment has recently announced Brandi Goss among the recipients of the 2021 Muir Institute Scholars Program! Brandi Goss is a Master's Student under Dr. Robert Lusardi in the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC Davis. Her work is centered on aquatic community ecology research with real-world conservation applications. ​Read on to learn more about this sprouting collaborative project!

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Featured Project

Ecology of Delta Smelt

Arguably one of the most imperiled and controversial fish species, recent record-low abundance of threatened delta smelt is responsible for dramatic reductions in freshwater allocated from the Delta and San Francisco Estuary to central and southern California.

Featured Publication

Authors: N.M. Aha; P.B. Moyle; N.A. Fangue; A.L. Rypel; J.R. Durand
Journal Article 2021