What did the CWS DEI Committee do during AY 2022-2023?

AY 2022-2023

  • CWS Leadership invested in the DEI Committee’s work by creating 2 opportunities for paid student assistants to facilitate goals and projects that needed more attention. These funds came directly from Jay Lund (Vice Director) and the California Institute for Water Resources. We are excited by the progress boost this provided us!
  • Updated CWS DEI webpage to include refreshed content – Including revisiting committee and leadership goals for DEI in CWS, revising associated actions and specific objectives to align with 2023-24 goals, and adding AY 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 completed projects to increase accessibility to the content. We invite you to explore our new page: CWS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

Internal Culture


Hiring Practices

  • Continued to widely circulate job postings to multiple UC and CSU campuses, ecological and freshwater scientific society job boards, social media, the website front page, and directly to various departments and organizations catered to the content of each ad. CWS remains cognizant of using inclusive language in advertisements and reviews applicants holistically.

At the Institute level, we are pleased the Institute of the Environment has: 

  • Supported us in refining language in job position postings to ensure inclusivity.
  • Underwent branding change – John Muir Institute of the Environment (JMIE) is now Institute of the Environment (IE); this includes new logos released earlier this calendar year. If you notice the old name or logo on any websites or building decor please reach out to CWS' current Communications Facilitator.