Summary of CWS DEI Committee Projects AY 2021–2022

AY 2021–2022

Internal Culture

  • Continued bi-weekly DEI committee meetings with new members
  • Held two DEI training seminars for the CWS community facilitated by the UCD DEI office. 
    • Winter 2022 – Making the unconscious conscious: Understanding and mitigating bias
    • Spring 2022 – Microaggressions: Towards greater awareness and understanding
  • Convened monthly book club to read and discuss I. Kendi’s book How to be an Anti-racist.
  • Attended I. Kendi’s conversation with Chancellor May at the Mondavi Center, Winter 2022
  • Provided free menstrual products for downstairs restrooms (see CA Legislative Assembly Bill #367)


Hiring Practices

  • Expanded job post circulation list to include a greater variety of job boards and inter-university contacts.
  • Continued concentrating on inclusive language in job ads, holistic application reviews, and interview procedures.