Funded Incubators



An adult Green Sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris).
Towards an individual-based model of green sturgeon and water management in Central California

This project seeks to develop an individual-based model of green sturgeon that will be used to simulate effects of changing climate and water management on population dynamics, habitat use, and movement. Team: Erin Tracy, Scott Colborne, Nann Fangue, John Kelly, Sarah Yarnell, Fran Bellido-Leiva, Karrigan Börk, and Jonathan Walter. 


View of a large river in an urban setting.
Spatiotemporal patterns of aquatic heatwaves in western US rivers

Heatwaves in river water temperature are increasing partly because of climate warming. This project synthesizes water temperature and wildfire data from rivers across the western United States to better understand how riverine heatwaves develop and how they are affected by wildfire. Team: Jonathan Walter, Steven Sadro, Adrianne Smits, Sarah Null, Curtis Gray, Spencer Tassone. 


Map of the San Francisco Estuary with a California inset map. There are photos of 4 locations listed in the caption overlayed on the map.
Fish Conservation with Foresight 

This project will compare fish communities between major regions of the system and model fish data to see how species of interest respond in these different places to changes in the environment. This first quantitative regional comparison of wetland fish communities throughout the San Francisco Estuary will improve understanding of wetland functionality and fish conservation needs in the system. Team: Caroline Newell, Mikaela Provost, Levi Lewis, John Durand, and James Hobbs.