1. Flood Regime

Flood Regime Summaries

Characterizing Hydrologic Variability of the Cosumnes River Floodplain

This study characterizes the hydrologic variability of the lower Cosumnes River by analyzing a 98-year streamflow record (1908 – 2005). We develop a flood regime classification methodology by separating similar water year types and similar flood types based on magnitude, duration, and timing.

Nutrient and food resource fluxing through the river floodplain system: An analysis of flood pulse phases as a control on patch dynamics across a restored floodplain.

The objectives are to quantify the flux of nutrients and food resources across the channel-floodplain boundary while delineating the chemical and hydrological signature of different stages of the flood pulse, and to study the influence of the flood pulse on the spatial distribution of suspended algal biomass across the surface of a restored floodplain.