Subtask 2.1.2 - Cross-walk Comparison and Calibration

We assisted CSU Chico with methodological development of Subtask 2.1.2, which will allow a comparison between the two mapping efforts (1997 – 2007). The intent of this task was to create an iterative quality assurance (QA) procedure to examine the consistency of map class types between two time periods for the purposes of change detection. The initial methodology consisted of generating 103-5 random point locations (x, y coordinates) within the universe of mapped vegetation, which were then attributed with class labels from the two data sources and inspected for frequency of association. The tabular cross-walk was to be amended accordingly until an appropriate frequency threshold has been achieved (e.g., 90% stasis by class between two time periods). Upon completion of this task, we determined that it was necessary to create 1.4 x 106 stratified random points to achieve any statistical consistency. This cross-walk table is available for download below in the technical report.