Workshop on Integrated Environmental Modeling of Estuarine Systems

Davis, California, May 21-22, 2015



Dear Colleague:


Welcome everyone to the Integrated Environmental Modeling for Estuarine System Management Workshop. The workshop conveners are looking forward to your participation in what promises to be a transformative meeting. We will address new approaches for integrating models and data analytics to accelerate system understanding. We will also consider approaches for bridging the persistent gap between modeling system complexity--physical, chemical, biological, social, economic--and supporting water operations, flood protection, and restoration decision making. The Workshop will offer several opportunities for you to express your own ideas and help emerge new directions.

The attached video by Dr. Peter Goodwin, lead scientist of the Delta Science Program summarizes the Workshop objectives and we think it will motivate your interest and stimulate ideas. We have also attached two papers by key workshop presenters. The paper by Rob Argent (BofM Australia) discusses conceptual modeling as fundamental tool for organizing complex system information. The second paper by Scott Peckham (Colorado University) introduces component integrated environmental modeling concepts. Finally we are also attaching the final workshop program.

We have more than 130 people from around the globe already registered, but there is still some room for more participants. Therefore if you want to invite some of your colleagues, please forward this email. They can find more information in our webpage and they can also sign up following this link. We also have some grants for grad students available

We look forward to your participation on May 21-22.

Sincerely, the organizing committee:



Peter Goodwin, Delta Stewardship Council

Chris Enright, Delta Stewardship Council

Josue Medellin-Azuara, University of California, Davis

Jay R. Lund, University of California, Davis

Alvar Escriva-Bou, University of California, Davis


Benjamin Bray, California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum


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