Experimental Agricultural Floodplain Pilot Study, 2011-2012

TitleExperimental Agricultural Floodplain Pilot Study, 2011-2012
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKatz, J. V. E., Jeffres C., Moyle P. B., Sommer T., Conrad L., & Kiernan J. D.
Date Published05/2012
InstitutionUC Davis
Keywordsagriculture, floodplains, salmon
AbstractManaged seasonally for native fish and waterfowl habitat as well as rice production and flood control, the Nigiri Project is the first stage towards a new multi-use management paradigm for the Yolo Bypass. Innovative use of existing agricultural infrastructure allows seasonal creation of floodplain habitat for endangered native fishes and waterfowl during winter and spring each year on fields that remain in agricultural production in summer and fall. Centered on the 1,700-acre Knaggs Ranch at the northern end of the Yolo Bypass, approximately 11 miles northwest of Sacramento, California, the Project proposes to incrementally develop a flood-neutral management approach for agriculture, fish, and waterfowl over thousands of acres in the Yolo Bypass.