Jay Lund: 'new environmentalism' needed for water

Environmentalism must move from the era of “no” to an era of “how better,” the Center's director Jay Lund asserts in a commentary published June 30 by The Sacramento Bee.

"A new environmentalism is needed that can redirect and reconcile human activities to better support and even expand habitat for native species," Lund says. "Rather than insist on blocking human use to protect naturea largely quixotic quest nowenvironmental reconciliation works in and with unavoidably human habitats...

"New environmentalism is about diverse interests working together to create more promising environmental solutions. In contrast, the politics and finance of classical environmentalism often require casting others as villains. Some environmental assaults demand a call to arms. But the public has grown weary of confrontation and standoff, such as the decades of stalemate over the Delta. The resulting inaction has cost both the environment and the economy."