Center exhibits Tuolumne photos through Oct. 10

Students rafting through the Clavey Falls rapids on Tuolumne River

The Center is blessed with several researchers and instructors who double as photographers. Come see their work on display through Oct. 15 at the UC Davis Buehler Alumni Center art gallery. Directions

Titled Lessons from the Tuolumne, the exhibition shows students and researchers at work and play in the central Sierra's Tuolumne River watershed.

The Tuolumne serves as an outdoor laboratory for the Center's spring-quarter course Ecogeomorphology, one of the featured classes in Sierra Magazine's 2010 "Cool Schools | Fantasy Draft"

Images capture students conducting field studies in Yosemite National Park's Tuolumne Meadows, rafting whitewater to reach study sites above Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and hiking through apocalyptic terrain left by the massive 2013 Rim fire.

  • Photographers: Carson Jeffres, Ryan Peek, Sarah Yarnell, Eric Holmes, Andy Bell, Joshua Viers, Nicole Aha
  • Exhibit Designer: Margot Boorman
  • Exhibit Installer: Stacy Han, with help from Devon Lambert

​View exhibition online:

Lessons from the Tuolumne