Center's virtual mega-drought draws mega-media

The Los Angeles Times on Sunday led a page-one story with the Center's 2010 study of a synthesized 72-year California drought.  

Scientists used their CALVIN model to see how the state could respond to such an extreme drought using water trading and best-case estimates of costs and effects on water operations and demands.

The results were surprising. As the Times' Bettina Boxall reported, "The California economy would not collapse. The state would not shrivel into a giant, abandoned dustbowl. Agriculture would shrink but by no means disappear."

Developed by Center director Jay Lund and graduate students, CALVIN (California Value Integrated Network) is California's only statewide, integrated water supply model. A diagram of the model (shown in photo with Jay Lund) runs several feet as it includes all major inflows, surface and growundwater reservoirs, conveyance infrastructure, pumping water and wastewater reuse treatment.