Dr. Sarah Yarnell rocks a conference Down Under

Dr. Sarah Yarnell of the Center for Watershed Sciences on Feb 7-12, 2016 will be presenting on the impacts of hydrograph shape on sediment transport in a gravel-bedded stream at the 11 International Symposium on Ecohydraulics in Melbourne, Australia.

The annual symposium will feature a variety of research in the hydraulics of water engineering such as river basin restoration, ecohydrualic pattern and process modelling, and human impacts on aquatic ecosystems.


Yarnell, who earned her PhD in Hydrologic Sciences at University of California Davis, is in the process of an experimental assessment of the mechanics of sediment transport during flow events with varying hydrograph shape in laboratory and natural field settings.


“My studies focus on integrating the traditional fields of hydrology, ecology, and geomorphology in the river environment,” says Yarnell.  She is currently conducting research that applies understanding of river ecosystem processes to managed systems in the Sierra Nevada, with focus on development and maintenance of riverine habitat under current and future climate conditions.


Functional Flows in Modified Riverscapes: Hydrographs, Habitats, and Opportunities.”