Dr. Josue Medellin-Azuara receives Editor's Choice Article Award

Dr. Josue Medellin-Azuara of the Center for Watershed Sciences has received the 2015 International Association of Hydrogeologists Editor’s Choice Article Award for his paper titled “Hydro-economic analysis of groundwater pumping for irrigated agriculture in California’s Central Valley, USA.”

Dr. Medellin-Azuara is an Associate Research Engineer for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis. His interest lie within hydroeconomic modeling of regional water resource systems, adaptation to climate change, consumptive use, and economic representations of water demands. His award winning paper examines the “economic costs of pumping replacement groundwater during drought and the potential loss of pumping capacity as groundwater levels drop.”

The Editor's Choice articles are picked by the Hydrogeology Journal Editors and only five articles among this year's pool of 130 printed articles received this honor. Selection criteria include: “outstanding science, innovative approach, potentially important conclusions, interesting field area or phenomenon, unusual topic, political/social/historical or philosophical interest.”

Thanks to Springer publisher, the article is freely available to all readers for a limited period and can be found here on the Hydrogeology Journal website until April 9th, 2016.

Congratulations Dr. Medellin-Azuara for your achievement!