Hydrologist/Operations Analyst Position - Hetch Hetchy Water and Power

"Hetch Hetchy Water and Power (HHWP) is recruiting applicants for a 5148 Water Operations Analyst – which has a working title of Hydrologist. We anticipate to fill two positions from this posting. HHWP operates 3 reservoirs in the Sierra’s along with 3 powerhouses. HHWP operates as part of the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System (HHRWS) – supplying about 85% of the HHRWS’ water to ~2.7 million customers in the Bay Area. The positions focus on forecasting inflows to reservoirs located in the Sierra Nevada and developing operational planning of the reservoirs and powerhouses – for short-term, long term and real time. There are opportunities for field work supporting stream gaging and meteorological stations – however a majority of the work is in the office. The positions require familiarity with hydrologic modeling and skills in programming, data management, data analysis and writing are a must.

The listing is posted here. When applying please be sure to demonstrate that you meet the minimum qualifications by itemizing your time spent working to add up to at least 4 years of experience. Work associated with developing a thesis to earn a graduate degree does count. Please note the position closes on October 10.

The position is in Moccasin, CA located at an elevation of 920 feet in the Sierra Foothills – approximately 1.5 hours from Yosemite Valley. Weather ranges from exceptionally warm in the summer, to very mild winters. Locally there is access to skiing (Dodge Ridge – and spring skiing on Sonora or Tioga Pass), hiking, biking (road and mountain), boating, rafting, climbing and all other outdoor activities. The nearest largest town is Sonora, CA (~20-25 minutes) where a majority of employees live in and around. HHWP is about 250 employees in a wide range of craft and professional positions. The 5148 positions interact with a wide range of employees as well as: outside stakeholder groups, government agencies, other reservoir operators, and water customer groups."

Send questions to Adam B. Mazurkiewicz at amazurkiewicz@sfwater.org