2018 Bay-Delta Science Conference Call for Abstracts, due 4/23

10th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference: Our Estuary at an Intersection 
2018 Bay-Delta Science Conference Abstracts due April 23, 2018

The 10th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference is a forum for presenting technical analyses and results relevant to the Delta Science Program’s mission to provide the best possible, unbiased, science-based information for water and environmental decision-making in the Bay-Delta system. The goal of the conference is to offer new information and syntheses to the broad community of scientists, engineers, resource managers, and stakeholders working on Bay-Delta issues. The organizers of this 10th Science Conference are  seeking presentations that support this goal. The abstracts will be due April 23, 2018. 

The conference program will feature oral and poster presentations that deliver scientific information and ideas relevant to the topic sessions. The conference theme this year is “Our Estuary at an Intersection.” Intersections are decision points and places where crossroads meet. The management of the Bay-Delta ecosystem sits at the crossroads of geography, ecology, economy, culture, and resource management. Navigating the intersection has direct implications for statewide water supply and efforts to improve the aquatic ecosystem for fisheries, recreation, and tourism. Achieving these goals requires science that addresses the intersection of geographical, ecological, physical, and social considerations in order to build long-term, resilient solutions.

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