Hiring Students for the Summer - Job Opportunity (CLOSED)

The Center for Watershed Sciences is looking for two field-hardy, ecology-oriented students this summer to assist in a research project investigating the habitat-use of Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frogs (Rana sierrae) in high elevation streams.  Please see attached for details. 

The positions may start in early June as part-time positions, but will go to full-time June 18th through the rest of the summer.  The biweekly schedule is highly variable, but in general will involve 8-9 days at a time in the field at 8-10 hours/day, camping or backpacking.  Work stints are followed by 5-6 days off.  It's essentially 80 hours of full-time work per every two-week pay period. Current undergraduates and very recent graduates of UC Davis may apply.  Application closes May 23rd.  You may direct questions about the jobs to Neil Keung (nkeung@ucdavis.edu). 

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STDT3-CWS SYH (839020)
STDT2-CWS SYH (839021)