Women Swimming for Science: UC Davis Students and Professors Participate in Trans Tahoe Swim

Women for Water Research make waves in the Trans Tahoe Relay swim

Six UC Davis affiliated students, scientists, and professors will swim in the 42nd Annual Trans Tahoe Relay to raise awareness of watershed protection and water research. For the second year in a row, the Women for Water Research team will be swimming the 10-mile stretch for the Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) and Center for Watershed Sciences (CWS). TERC’s discoveries and methods are used to support policy decisions at Lake Tahoe and to help aid research efforts at other lakes around the world. CWS’ uses interdisciplinary research to find environmentally and economically sustainable solutions from managing rivers, lakes, and estuaries. Click to support TERC and CWS!

Meet the Participants:

Heather Bischel, Assistant Professor

Roberta Millstein, Professor

Veronica Morales, Assistant Professor

Kelly Neal, Undergraduate

Kate Tiedeman, Doctoral Candidate

Ann Willis, Staff Researcher and Graduate Student