Junior Specialist - Job Opportunity (Closed)

The Center for Watershed Sciences is hiring a Junior Specialist who will focus on studies of abiotic and biotic conditions that affect the ecology of invertebrate and vertebrate organisms in estuaries. Interested applicants can apply from 06/13/19 – 07/13/19 for full consideration for this position. More details are available here.

This position will aid in interdisciplinary studies of abiotic and biotic conditions that affect the ecology of invertebrate and vertebrate organisms in estuaries. Duties include participating in field studies to collect aquatic organisms and measure water quality, laboratory studies of water quality and invertebrate community composition, and food web isotopic analyses; participate in data entry, post-processing, data synthesis and statistical analysis. Conduct literature searches and help write annual reports to funders. Actively and significantly involved in creative activities of publishing research and designing future research including reviewing journal articles; engaging in discussions of research to assist in interpreting results; assisting more senior researchers in preparing manuscripts for peer-review journals by writing methods sections and commenting on draft manuscripts; and participating in design of studies as part of writing research proposals by applying experience to revise study designs. Present research results at local and regional meetings such as Bay-Delta Science Conference, Interagency Ecology Program Annual Workshop and American Fisheries Society CALNEVA chapter meetings. As part of academic training, will mentor undergraduates and similar assistants in field and laboratory methods and data collection and will service as member of one or more Center for Watershed Sciences ad hoc committees (eg, field equipment sharing/maintenance, field safety planning, laboratory shared space coordination).

• Experience identifying California freshwater and estuarine fishes and invertebrates
• Experience in analysis of zooplankton and/or fish gut samples
• Experience working independently and remain focused for long periods of time while conducting procedures in laboratory at the bench or microscope
• Experience in small boat safety and handling
• Experience with data analysis and technical writing
• Knowledge of MS Excel, Word, and Access; ArcGIS and Program R software.
• Knowledge of statistics
• Ability to mentor and lead undergraduate and similar field assistants

See the full posting here for further details.