Atmospheric Rivers: Is California still in a drought?

Check out the coverage below to hear from CWS researchers on the recent storms impacting California.

The recent onslaught of atmospheric rivers this month has certainly made the headlines. Reservoirs in California are refilling, groundwater is slowly recharging, and the Sierra Nevada snowpack is at 200% of average. So, is California still in a drought? It's too soon to tell. Check out the coverage below to hear what CWS researchers have to say: 

PPIC: Can Nine Atmospheric Rivers Recharge California’s Groundwater? Featuring groundwater hydrologist Helen Dahlke.

SF Chronicle: "Is California still in a drought after the epic storms? Here are what maps and charts show." Featuring Jay Lund & Jeffrey Mount.

ABC News: Could West Coast's atmospheric river help undo drought conditions? Too early to tell, experts say. Featuring Nicholas Pinter.

KPCC AirTalk: California storms provide a promising start to the snowpack. But what to expect the rest of the year? Featuring Jay Lund.

KCRW: What is CA doing to capture all this rainwater for a sunny day? Featuring Jay Lund.

WWF Water Global Lead Freshwater Scientist, Jeff Opperman, highlights the recently flooded Yolo Bypass and value of Cosumnes floodplain research by Carson Jeffres.  

KQED: Flooding during a drought: Rethinking California's Water System. Featuring Jay Lund

Cap Radio Insight: California's critical water and flood infrastructure and extreme hydrology. Featuring Jay Lund

Los Angeles Times: Deadly results as dramatic climate whiplash causes California’s aging levees to fail. Featuring Jay Lund & Jeffery Mount.

Inside Climate News: California Had a Watershed Climate Year, But Time Is Running Out. Featuring Jeffrey Mount.



Last updated February 14, 2023.







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