Water in a canyon.
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Karrigan Börk awarded ASU Law's Morrison Prize for water rights research

Karrigan Börk, Associate Director at the Center for Watershed Sciences and acting professor of law at UC Davis' School of Law, has been awarded the Morrison Prize for his 2023 legal paper on water extraction rights. The $10,000 Morrison Prize is a distinguished honor; it is awarded annually to the author of the most influential academic legal article on environmental sustainability published in North America in the last year. Börk will formally accept this prize on May 10, 2024, at Arizona State University's 9th annual SRP Sustainability Conference of American Legal Educators in Pheonix, Arizona. Here, Börk will present his winning paper, "Water Extraction Rights", where he proposes a creative solution to address ongoing water rights issues faced in the USA; Börk further suggests that by adopting an exactions framework it may help offset the social consequences of water withdrawls. 

Read the Press Release from UC Davis: Karrigan’ Börk’s Award-Winning Water Rights Solution. March 26, 2024.

Read the Press Release from ASU: ASU Law’s Morrison Prize honors professor for water rights research. February 15, 2024.

Read the paper: Bork, K., 2023. Water Right Exactions. Harv. Env't L. Rev.47, p.63.


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