National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Southwest Fisheries Science Center

The SWFSC is the research arm of NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service in the Southwest Region. Center scientists conduct marine biological, economic and oceanographic research, observations and monitoring of living marine resources and their environment.

Center scientists also conduct research on the impacts of environmental variability and climate change on marine ecosystems and on fishery and conservation socio-economics.

The ultimate goal of these scientific efforts is to ensure that the region's marine and anadromous fish, marine mammal, marine turtle, seabird, and invertebrate populations remain at sustainable and healthy levels, as functioning parts of their ecosystem and to enhance the quality of life for the public.

Responsibilities include maintaining healthy fish stocks for commercial, recreational and subsistence fishing; conserving and recovering populations of protected species; sustaining ecosystem services; and coordinating with domestic and international organizations to implement and monitor fishery agreements and treaties.