HaD to Py

Lily Ann Tomkovic
Project Description

HaD to Py stands for HDF and DSS to Python, and it extracts results from the output file from a HEC-RAS simulation and creates plots which can quickly be viewed spatially against observed data for calibration or validation.

The main advantage is that in 2D areas making these plots can be a little tedious. This tool makes accessing plots easier when computing different plans, changing the shape/name/cell size of a 2D area, and implementing other RAS changes between plots.

The code is free and easy to use, and it is also easy to modify or adapt to your needs.

The main script, pyHDF_DSS.py is where the most useful information lies in dealing with HDF files.

To deal with DSS files in Python, the main script and the accompanying scripts, storeDSSdata.py and getDSSdata.py, are necessary.

Project Status