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Meet Lily Tomkovic - Recipient of ARCS Foundation Scholarship

Lily Tomkovic - Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Scholarship


PhD program: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Undergrad: Same

Hometown: Healdsburg, CA

Advisor: Fabian Bombardelli

Interview Questions:

Take a trip down the Grand Canyon!

Rafting trips change lives. At the Center for Watershed Sciences, we've developed an expedition curriculum that transforms learners into leaders. Take a virtual tour of the first half of our 2016 Grand Canyon expedition at the new #UCDavisGrandCanyon website.

NEW! Clarifications and Supplemental Information: Estimates of Irrigated Cropland Idled due to the 2016 Drought

In the aftermath of releasing the report "Estimates of Irrigated Cropland Idled due to the 2016 Drought" (http://droughtimpacts.ucdavis.edu), several commentaries have indicated that land fallowing in the summer of 2016 exceeds the 77,000 acres in the 2016 drought report. A short memo provides additional details and clarification on the difference between climate related and other cutbacks. (The same clarification applies to jobs and other economic aggregates).

Registration Open! 43rd Natural Areas Conference: Climate Change Adaptaton and Natural Areas Management

Register now to join us in California for the 2016 Natural Areas Conference October 18-21, 2016. Our theme is Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Areas Management: Turning Words to Action. This event will feature strategies and tactics that resource and natural areas managers can employ to prepare for and respond to climate change on the ground.  View a detailed schedule of events here.

Economic Analysis of the 2016 California Drought for Agriculture Report

The Economic Analysis of the 2016 California Drought for Agriculture report estimates the impacts of the drought on agriculture.

WaterTalk Roundup

ARB Research Seminar

Source Speciation of Central VAlley GHG EMissions Using IN-Situ Measurement of VOCs

When: Thursday, August 25, 2016 1:30 pm, PDT (WEBCAST)

Where: Sierra Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, Cal/EPA Building 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA

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