CalTrout showcases Center partnership, projects

The conservation group California Trout prominently features the Center for Watershed Sciences principals and salmonid-related projects in its inaugural issue of Currents, with this embedded video of interviews with Center co-founders Jeffrey Mount and Peter Moyle and current director Jay Lund, among others.

The online magazine, which debuted in December, devotes a cover story to CalTrout's longstanding partnership with the Center in advancing the science of conserving and recovering populations of native trout and salmon.

Written by Center researchers Ann Willis and Rob Lusardi, the feature reviews two of the most promising collaborative projects launched in the past decade with CalTrout funding. 

  • Growing salmon on farmed floodplains. In an ongoing experiment, researchers have found that Chinook salmon reared in inundated rice fields on the Yolo Bypass grow much faster and bigger than juveniles in the adjacent Sacramento River - a strategy that could boost salmonid survial rates. 
  • Recovering salmon populations in the Shasta River Basin.  Field scientists have been recording seemingly every physical, chemical and biological characteristic of the Shasta and its tributaries to better inform efforts to recover runs of salmonids, particularly the imperiled coho salmon.