Open Applications for Spring 2016 Ecogeomorphology Class

The Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and the Center for Watershed Sciences are offering a unique Spring quarter course in Applied Watershed Science. Similar to the Shlemon Courses taught in previous years through the Geology department (see, this course is a multidisciplinary study of the ecology, geomorphology and management of rivers in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Open to upper-division undergraduate students, the course brings together students from a range of biological and physical sciences and engineering backgrounds to address conservation and management issues in selected watersheds.

The course involves classroom/laboratory training during the spring quarter and weekend fieldtrips to various river locations in the Sierras. The course will culminate with a ten-day camping and rafting trip in the Tuolumne River watershed the week after finals during which students will collect and analyze field data. Following the trip, students will produce written reports using the field data that address management issues within the watershed such as: what are the impacts of regulated flow regimes on aquatic biota in the Tuolumne River watershed, and what long-term monitoring data are needed to address on-going conservation strategies in the face of climate change?

This course is not for everyone. The course is primarily intended for senior undergraduates students in the fields of ecology, biology, geology, hydrology and engineering. Enrollment is by instructor consent only.  See the flyer below for additional details on applying for the course. 

Interested in learning more? Click here to check out the course flyer for instructions on how to apply!

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