Feb 29 talk: “Impacts of National Flood Insurance Program on Endangered Species and Floodplain Management”

Monty Schmitt, a Senior Scientist and San Joaquin River Restoration Project Manager of the National Resources Defense Council, will talk about the impacts of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on endangered species and the implications for floodplain management in California.

Several biological opinions from agencies such as the National Marine Fisheries Service and the 2017 federal reauthorization of the FNIP “represents an opportunity to reform the NFIP to improve floodplain management, restore natural floodplain functions and protect fish and wildlife habitat.”

When: Monday, Feb 29, 12pm - 1pm

Where: 1317 Earth and Physical Science Building.

To read more about Schmitt’s work, visit his NRDC blog here:

FEMA, Floodplains and Fish: Why the National Flood Insurance Program must protect floodplains to improve public safety and safeguard endangered species

The Cost of Federal Inaction: Local communities, taxpayers and endangered species suffer as agencies drag their heels on floodplain management