Feb 6-7, 2 Day Shortcourse: Introduction to Groundwater, Watersheds, and Sustainable Management

When: February 6-7, 2017

Where: UC Davis Buehler Alumni Center 

Register here by Jan 31, 2017 to secure a spot. 

About: Understanding the fundamental principles of groundwater and watersheds and how we monitor, assess, and sustainably manage these resources under climate change and variability is critical and integral to  many water-related programs. This shortcourse will review the fundamental principles of groundwater and watershed hydrology, water quality, and water contamination in an intuitive, highly accessible fashion. Experienced instructors with a broad in-depth knowledge of California groundwater and watershed hydrology will teach the course. Topics include: Surface Water Hydrology and Watersheds, Groundwater Hydrology, Managing streamflows, Water Rights and Water Law, Surface Water Quality and Contaminants, Groundwater Quality and Contaminants, Sampling, and Monitoring, Water quality regulations, Water quality management and designing BMPs and Climate change impacts on watershed and groundwater. This shortcourse is directed toward technical staff, consultants, and technical and management personnel in private and public water supply companies, irrigation districts, water districts, local and state agencies, and in resource conservation districts