UNFOLD Podcast: Nature Tells Its Story with Fish Eyes and Ears

Nature Tells Its Story with Fish Eyes and Ears 

Check out the UC Davis UNFOLD podcast to hear Watershed researchers Miranda Bell-Tilcock and Carson Jeffres discuss the Fish Eyes and Ears project! Learn more about the project and associated research article, "Advancing Diet Reconstruction Using Fish Eye Lenses" at: https://watershed.ucdavis.edu/news/2021/01/29/new-research.  

A fish can’t talk, but its eyes and ears can. Scientists have discovered that each layer of a fish’s lens reveals a different part of its life history, including what it’s eaten throughout its life. While you’ve probably never heard of fish otoliths, these ear bones tell us not only a fish’s age, but what rivers it has traveled. Understanding this could help wildlife managers know what habitats to protect to help imperiled species. In “Nature Tells Its Story, Part 1,” Unfold looks at the eyes and ears of fish.   

In this episode: 
Miranda Bell Tilcock, assistant specialist researcher, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences 
Carson Jeffres, senior researcher and fish biologist, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Tune in at: https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/podcasts-and-shows/unfold/fish-eyes-and-ears