Anna Sturrock

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I am a fish ecologist with a passion for science communication, data visualization and providing empirical data to support resource management. I primarily use fish otoliths ("earstones") as natural tags to reconstruct environmental and growth histories, and to estimate the relative success of different life history strategies. I use a multidisciplinary approach, combining ecology, geochemistry, physiology, GIS and modeling. I am currently a research scientist at the Center for Watershed Sciences, collaborating with Drs Rachel Johnson, Mike Miller & Stephanie Carlson, exploring juvenile salmon rearing patterns and growth trajectories under varying climatic conditions. I am interested in exploring how anthropogenic stressors and different management actions may affect the survival and resilience of salmonids and other commercially important fishes. My previous research focused on the population structure and connectivity patterns of marine fishes, and exploring the use of natural chemical markers as both physiological and environmental recorders.

I currently am a lecturer at University of Essex, UK. 



Positions and Roles: 
Emeritus Senior Researcher
Research Interests: 
Fish Ecology
Fisheries and isotope ecology
Freshwater Ecology and Water Resources Management
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