Anna Sturrock

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I am a fish ecologist with a passion for science communication, data visualization and providing empirical data to support resource management. I use fish otoliths ("earstones") as natural tags to reconstruct environmental and growth histories, and to estimate the relative success of different life history strategies. I use a multidisciplinary approach, combining ecology, geochemistry, physiology, metadata analysis, GIS and modeling. I am currently a Project Scientist at Center for Watershed Sciences, working with Drs Rachel Johnson, Mike Miller & Stephanie Carlson, examining how frequently and successfully juvenile Chinook salmon rear in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta under varying flow regimes (2014-18). I am interested in exploring how different management actions may affect the resilience of California Central Valley salmon by way of the "portfolio effect". My previous research focused on methods to identify the population structure of marine fishes, as well as experimental work to better understand physiological influences on otolith element chemistry.

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Fish Ecology
Fisheries and isotope ecology
Freshwater Ecology and Water Resources Management
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