News on the California Drought

Despite record-breaking rainfall in October, the California Drought still persists. Over the past several months, media outlets have asked The Center for Watershed Sciences' researchers to answer questions, provide context, and debunk myths circulating on the current California Drought. Here, we compile a summary of some top features as a resource.

Perspectives from the California WaterBlog  
  1. How dry will 2022 be? by Jay Lund, 2021-11-28
  2. Adjusting past hydrology for changes in climate. by Jay Lund, 2021-11-21
  3. Which species will survive? Climate change enhances the vulnerability of California freshwater fishes to severe drought. by Peter Moyle, 2021-11-14
  4. Managing Water Stored for the Environment During Drought. by Sarah Null, Jeffrey Mount, Brian Gray, Michael Dettinger, Kristen Dybala, Gokce Sencan, Anna Sturrock, Barton “Buzz” Thompson, Harrison “HB” Zeff, 2021-11-07
  5. Can one atmospheric river end California’s drought? by Andrew Rypel & Jay Lund, 2021-10-31
  6. The Big California Drought Stories of 2021. by Jay Lund, 2021-10-03
  7. Could California weather a mega-drought? by Jay Lund, 2021-09-12
  8. 2021 Drought in California – in one page. by Jay Lund, 2021-08-22
  9. The California Water Model: Resilience through Failure. by Nicholas Pinter, Jay Lund, Peter Moyle, 2021-08-01
  10. California’s Missing Forecast Flows in Spring 2021 – Challenges for seasonal flow forecasting. by John Abatzoglou, Anna Rallings, Leigh Bernacchi, Joshua Viers, Josué Medellín-Azuara. 2021-07-18
  11. California isn’t running out of water; it’s running out of cheap water. by Wyatt Arnold, 2021-07-11
  12. Drought Makes Conditions Worse for California’s Declining Native Fishes. by Peter Moyle and Andrew Rypel. 2021-06-27
  13. Mitigating Domestic Well Failure for SGMA and Drought in the San Joaquin Valley. by Rob Gailey and Jay Lund. 2021-06-20
  14. Jobs and Irrigation during Drought in California. by Josué Medellín-Azuara and Jay Lund, 2021-06-06
  15. Dollars and Drought – Windfalls for innovation or entrenchment? by Jay Lund, 2021-05-31
  16. A few Lessons for California’s New Drought. by Katrina Jessoe, Josué Medellín-Azuara, Peter Moyle,  John Durand, Ann Willis, 2021-05-16
  17. Do largemouth bass like droughts? by Andrew Rypel, 2021-05-02
  18. How dry is California? What should we prepare for? by Jay Lund, 2021-04-25
  19. California’s New Drought. by Jay Lund, Andrew Rypel, and Josué Medellín-Azuara, 2021-03-14
  20. February 1: Is California Still Heading for a Multi-Year Drought? by Jay Lund, Peter Moyle, and Andrew Rypel, 2021-02-01