Suisun Marsh Fish Study

For over 35 years, this project has monitored abiotic and biotic conditions in tidal wetlands, making it the longest established study in Suisun Marsh. The long-term data collected has enabled numerous studies and will continue to support research on the ecology and conservation of Suisun Marsh fishes, as well as the effects of Marsh restoration and management, and climate change.

The study is part of the state and federal Interagency Ecological Program’s monitoring effort for the entire San Francisco Estuary.

This research explores:

-the response of non-coevolved fish assemblies to water management

-the effect of climate change and other long-term stressors on fish and invertebrate communities

-the effect of managed wetlands on aquatic food resources

-the function of Suisun Marsh as nursery habitat for fishes


The Suisun Marsh Study is part of a ten-year collaborative multi-taxa research project with researchers from UC Davis’ Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and Center for Watershed Sciences. Collaborators include: 

-Professor John Eadie and his research on Waterfowl Energetics

-Professor Doug Kelt and his research on the ecology of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

-Professor Brian Todd and his research on Western Pond Turtle habitat



For volunteer opportunities or a copy of the database, contact Teejay O'Rear at